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Five myths about Qassem Suleimani

These days, after the death of Qassem Suleimani, most people have forgotten that he was a diplomat with the Water Authority who had now retired without Islamist rule and started the day by buying Sangak bread, Ligwan cheese and watering his pots. But the Islamist regime and later, the rise of military power, threw him into the middle of power.
The expansionist and fireworks policy of Shiite clerics and their agents required agents to carry out their plans, and as a result, monsters such as Suleimani were created. Meanwhile, the American and European media, with the help of their anti-imperialist Iranian comrades and friends, made him a legend. They made one of the agents of the orders of the Shiite clerics "General" and "Commander Aref" and "beloved of the Iranian nation". In the remainder of this note, I refer to the five myths and show their nullity.

Honesty and trust
"Due to the special relationship between Sardar Soleimani and my father, Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, I can testify that Hajj Qassim's sincerity, honesty and humility were among the officials of the system," Mohsen Hashemi said at a public meeting in Tehran. The trustworthiness and sincerity of Sardar Suleimani was exemplary in conveying the facts and information to senior officials of the system, and for this reason, Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani was extremely confident of the accuracy and accuracy of the reports provided by Sardar Soleimani ”(IRNA-2D).
This testimony gives honesty and trustworthiness to someone who lied to the Iranian people for a lifetime. Regime propaganda about commerce is usually a quote from comrades about comrades who are not worthy of citation. All regime officials are used to lying and betraying people (property, honor and rights).

On Suleimani's popularity before his death, only fake surveys of security agencies and the Guardian Corps, published by the University of Maryland, are available. But after death everyone knows. Don't be fooled by massive funerals. They run schools, offices and markets, with government circulars and government pressures, with thousands of buses rented and food provided to hundreds of thousands.
In order to send the body to several cities, they were shut down united. The Revolutionary Guards and Basij officials specialize in sending people to the gatherings and bringing people by bus from the villages to give them a meal and a drink. People need to stay hungry and helpless (those who live on oil wells) to come to these gatherings with a meal. The Revolutionary Guards and the Basij have been doing this for forty years, learning from the pilgrimage plans, and today, the country is run on the same pilgrimage plans. Even schools in Qom were closed to bring people from Tehran to Qom by bus. In Khuzestan, many cities were closed to allow people to move from nearby cities to Ahvaz.
Those who refer to these populations as Suleimani's popularity prove their illiteracy about the concentration of government resources on the government, the mechanism of government, and the way public mobilization is carried out in Iran. Western media and even some Persian-language media abroad proved this when they called Suleimani popular. All regime propaganda agencies were mobilized to publish photos, posters, billboard and banner design and radio and television commercials.
All this is to show the masses to the international community and to intimidate the Iranian society. These propaganda have, of course, succeeded in deceiving the European and American left, always ready to deceive and blame their democratic rule against the fascist and totalitarian regime on the other.
Charisma is not a property that people have or do not have. Charisma is made for people. Khomeini could not have uttered a sentence correctly, lacked political and international literacy, was not a patriot, and insulted his opponents but had charisma among his supporters. Charisma is created in a specific process, with the help of propaganda beeps (such as BBC Persian Radio during the Revolution), popular faces (celebrities) and political and social activists.
The charisma attributed to Soleimani is made by the propaganda apparatus of the Islamic Republic and the Western media. He had been given titles such as a provincial soldier, a living martyr, an enemy nightmare, a mystical commander, all storytelling and storytelling. The Western media also needed strong and clever villains to make their drama. He was neither a good speaker, he had no place to express his love for his homeland, nor was he even kind and caring (remember the video of his encounter with a little girl who offers him chocolate that he wanted to make a child of his own). Mystic and Zahid and other attributes attributed to him are all made up of the Islamic Republic's propaganda machine rather than the face of an international terrorist terrorist, the leader of an international drug mafia and criminal who killed hundreds of thousands (in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan). Participation was to cover.
Obama administration officials also praised Suleimani for facilitating the nuclear deal and reducing casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, helping him build a charismatic image and blasting content in the propaganda horns of the Islamic Republic while being condemned by imperialist media. They quote "enemy confession".
Organize and coordinate
The facilities given to Suleimani in the last twenty years were unique. All the machines in the country had to work with him and provide him with facilities (such as setting up an Arbaeen march). You give it to everyone, wings

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