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Farre Kiyani Movement is a political movement founded in 2019 by Iranian opposition members abroad.
The main political activities of the movement take place in Europe and North America.

Farre Kiyani is committed to peace, democracy and human rights in Iran.
We believe that a democratic regime in Iran will never contribute to terrorism and instability in the region. On the contrary, a democratic Iran can help with stability in the Middle East and prevent the refugee wave against other parts of the world.
We yearn for peace in the Middle East. We need support from the world community to achieve our goal.

We in the movement are working towards a democratic and free Iran and at the same time we want to attract the attention of both ordinary citizens and politicians around the world for the heinous acts of the Islamic regime.
We use all the democratic methods to form a coalition among Iranians from various opposition groups against the regime in Iran. We believe in cooperation to stop the regime's terror both inside Iran and outside the country.
We want to create a secular democratic constitutional state in Iran with the help of Iranians.
To raise support for Iranians fight against the regime our methods consist of 3 different activities.

1- The 100 Cities project
This project was started in Frankfurt in the summer of 2019. We want to reach people on the streets of the world. We show to ordinary people the gross acts the regime uses inside Iran to silence their protests. Through the projects we want to form a public opinion. We believe that through information to the people, everyone can influence the politicians' from different countries decisions about the politics and the economic relationship with the regime in Iran


2- Europe-wide protest rally
Through demonstrations we reveal the Revolutionary Guard's terror both in Iran and outside Iran and their role and participation in various terrorist acts in the Middle East. In addition, the Iranian Embassy's personal helps terrorists achieve their goals in Europe as well.
The EU should classify the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization”


3- Participate in various debate forums among the media

The water crisis in Iran


Poverty and deprivation

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