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Charter of the Farkhian movement

We believe that the Iranian occupation regime is creating terror, terrorism, arrests, torture and execution, protesters, human rights abuses, institutionalized corruption and rent-seeking, and a legal attack on Iranian citizens. Under the rule of the Iranian nation and the parliamentary monarchy in Iran to overthrow the Islamic Republic, we called on the Farkhiani movement to enlighten, educate, and coordinate all freedom fighters, through peaceful protests, and through civil disobedience and nonviolence until the victory over the demons of the Islamic Republic, let's move along.

Our Fundamental Beliefs:

2. We believe that Iran is a country, a nation and a flag, and then the flag of the tricolor.
2. We demand the preservation of our country's "independence, territorial integrity and national integrity."
2. Our effort in this movement will be for all Iranians to achieve freedom and equality in accordance with the provisions of the UN Charter of Human Rights and to determine the form of government by a free vote of the Iranian people in a referendum.
We consider Prince Reza Pahlavi the only symbol of national cohesion and the flag of the struggle for the fall of the Islamic Republic.
We believe that Iran is the common home of the Iranian nation. In addition to having a common and national Persian language, this single nation speaks different languages ​​and religions, has ethnic diversity, belongs to or without religions, belongs to various religions and beliefs, and all citizens They are Iran.
2. We believe that the Iranian people have the right to determine their future system in a democratic and free environment free from any intimidation and pressure, based on the principle of separation of religion from government and this government based on the will of the nation, equal rights. All people of the Iranian nation, recognizing all linguistic, religious and ethnic backgrounds belonging to the national subcategories.
3. We look forward to once again, like our ancestors, through the establishment of a democratic military system based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the independence, territorial integrity and national unity of the Iranian nation and the sovereignty of the Iranian nation.

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